Welcome to the Lewis and Clark County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (LCARES) hub. The LCARES Emergency Coordinator is Al Simons, WA1TYB. The Assistant EC is Lynn Wagner, K7WGR.

You do not need to be a member of ARRL or a resident of Lewis and Clark County to participate in LCARES. The only requirement is a willingness to train and support
emergency communications in Lewis and Clark and surrounding counties.

Please feel free to contact Al or Lynn if would like to participate with LCARES, have questions that are not covered here, or have suggestions for more information to include on this page.

Frequency Plan, Lewis and Clark County MT:

VHF / UHF Simplex
VHF Simplex Primary: 147.500 (Local simplex)
VHF Simplex 146.520 (National simplex)
UHF Simplex Primary: 446.000 (National simplex)

VHF Repeaters
VHF Repeater Primary: 147.220+ Tone: 100.0 (Belmont)
If repeater is not operating, nets switch to 147.500 simplex.
VHF Repeater: 145.450- Tone: 100.0 (Hogback) MRLA link
VHF Repeater: 147.320+ Tone: 100.0 (Townsend) MRLA link
VHF Portable Repeater: RX: 145.470 TX: 147.970 Tone: 146.2 (NOTE: Non-standard 2.5 MHz split!)

VHF Winlink
VHF Winlink Gateway 145.010 (Simplex) Fort Harrison

DMR Repeaters

For emergency communications on the nearby DMR repeaters, we will focus on
three talkgroups:
– Primary talkgroup: 31309, MTARES
– Alternate talkgroups: 31301 MPRG1, 3130036 MPRG4

The DMR repeaters near us all use CC1. Talkgroup MPRG1 uses timeslot (TS) 2. All other talkgroups use TS 1.

MacPass 2m: 147.100+
MacPass: 444.100+
North Hill: 448.900 –
Boulder Hill: 449.200-

HF Primary 80mtr: 3.880 MHz, (Montana ARES Statewide)
HF Primary 40mtr: 7.247 MHz, (Montana ARES Statewide)

National “Centers of Activity” for HF
“HF Emergency Nets are encouraged to establish their operations within 20kHz
of these frequencies (kHz)” (Source: NIFOG):
– 3750 or 3985 LSB
– 7060, 7240, or 7290 LSB
– 14300 USB
– 18160 USB
– 21360 USB